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What we do?

IT Lead Generation

• High quality B2B leads
• Best Telemarketing professionals in one place
• All IT technologies covered

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Project reference

IT Sales

• Project management at every stage of project lifecycle
• External support for IT sales teams / end-users
• Coaching and project management

B2B Marketing

• Lead Generation & marketing campaigns (ROI focused)
• Solution selling using best marketing tools
• Mailers, Newsletters, Events, E-marketing

IT Media & PR

• External and central press office hub
• Establishing relations and communication with key IT media in Poland
• PR support  - social media, company spokesman, crisis management

Lead Generation
How does it work?

Tell us about your target and technology →

Get complex contact information with sales opportunity →

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Tell us about your target and technology

We’ll adjust our database using advanced segmentation criteria:

• Market
• Company size
• Technology interest
• Project expectations

Get complex contact information with sales opportunity.

You’ll receive verified data followed with:

• Full company profile
• Decision maker’s personal e-mail with direct business phone
• Approvals to receive 3rd party information
• Pre-qualified tech & sales information (ex. budget, IT environment, on-going projects)

Connect seamlessly with new prospect.

We have just made you “a friendly welcome” to your new customer

• Forget any cold calls - your customer expects personal contact now!
• Use e-mail, phone or organize direct meeting
• Talk about your offer - deliver consultancy & professional advisory services
• Maintain business relation and establish your brand recognition

Close the deal or let us help you.

Our work is done. Now you’re the boss.
Or maybe you still need our support to finalize project?

• We can help to drive project through the POC/tests/pre-sales process
• We can outsource your sales department and provide 100% follow-up
• We can establish new connections to strengthen project communication
• We will deliver consulting and mentoring services to enhance project success

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We are an active member of #CyberMadeInPoland IT Cluster.

Trusted Us


Grzegorz Wilk

  • Over 14 years of experience in IT

  • Experienced Product Manager / Marketing Manager / Project Manager.

  • Project portfolio IT & MKT:  B2B/B2C, IT Vendors, Distribution and Resellers in Poland.

  • Campaigns and projects driven for top global IT brands.

  • New Business Developer. Investor.

  • Leader. Negotiator. Salesman. Marketing Wizard. Coach.


Tomasz Spyra

September 8, 2015

I would like to recommend Grzegorz as very competent marketing expert. I have worked with him for several years. He is responsible for marketing campaigns and RAFcom image promotions. He is very creative and open minded person, full of excellent ideas. I am very glad of our cooperation.

Barbara Podeszfa

September 8, 2015

Grzegorz is a very experienced and determined Marketing Expert. He has a vast knowledge of the IT needs and challenges from the marketing point of view. Also - he is a trainer. Working with him is a pleasure as he is a task-oriented creative and positive person.

Piotr Kawalec

September 8, 2015

Grzegorz is an excellent manager and very sincere colleague at the same time. He can easily join full professionalism at work with natural way of everyday contacts with his fellows.

Wojciech Woźniak

December 16, 2016

I have worked with Grzegorz within his lead generation project driven for one of Lenovo Partners in Poland. 
Lenovo was a strategic vendor for lead generation meetings, which were organized for end-users in Poland, to drive new Lenovo solutions and generate new business. I’m more than happy to recommend Grzegorz and CLEVERly as a trusted and true professional company, delivering high quality lead gen services, channel marketing and support for Lenovo and Resellers. I can recommend Grzegorz to any company looking to develop its business and generate valuable sales opportunities.

Mariusz Bajgrowicz

January 7, 2014

Grzegorz is a goal-oriented, reliable and resourceful manager. He run our marketing department in a creative way which resulted in introducing new brands into the Polish market. Grzegorz works hard on improving his qualifications. I think his eagerness to broaden his knowledge distinguishes him and makes him worth the investment. I recommend him as a person who is able to face new challenges with good effects

Dominik Rogozinski

November 4, 2013

When you are running a small operation like I did for Riverbed in Poland there is always a shortage of trustworthy people. Grzegorz, was and always will be one of those people. He is very creative but at the same time, well organized so he can deliver amazing campaigns, always on time and within the budget. Like any world class chef Grzegorz takes what he has and makes spectacular things out of it. I would love to work with Grzegorz again sometime and I can recommend him for any marketing position.

Mateusz Olszewski

July 2, 2011

I had the pleasure of working with Grzegorz at S4E, where we were both Product Managers. Grzegorz was a business orientated person who managed products for SMB market. His creativity allowed him to differentiate his products on the IT markets in Poland. That resulted in the brand awareness growth and eventually sales and in our country.

Tomasz Kocoń

December 23, 2016

I’ve been working with Grzegorz for over 8 years. Our paths 1st crossed during his work for S4E. 
Then we worked together at Zycko, where Grzegorz has strongly supported my projects driven for Cisco Meraki, Aerohive and Microsemi. His ideas, marketing experience and focus on achieving success resulted in great support for Vendors and Partner channel. Our cooperation still continues, as Grzegorz had supported Lead Generation project for Barracuda, driven by Contica Solutions (now: Kappa Data). I am happy I can rely on Grzegorz in every aspect of IT sales, marketing and consultancy

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Mob.: +48 600 035 044

E-mail: kontakt@cleverly.pl

Grzegorz Wilk CLEVERly
ul. Adama Bochenka 25C / 329
30-693 Kraków, PL, EU
NIP/VAT ID: 679-271-05-70
REGON: 361658375

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